Tradestar 2012 Annual Summary Meeting

2013-03-04 09:58:18
Tradestar 2012 Annual Summary Meeting

Beijing in January already had thick festal atmosphere. In the happy and auspicious atmosphere, we held the2012 annual meeting themed by“Delicate, Enaction, Cooperative, Leap-forward”. “Tradestar 2012 Annual Summary & 2013 Annual Plan Meeting” was held in Holy Garden Hotel from January 10 to 13 in 2013.The president, department managers and all employees attended the meeting.

During the four-day’s meetings, salesmen and functional department managers reported on the work for the year of 2012, respectively. Market environment was not optimistic in 2012 , but our whole business maintained good momentum of growth, which came from the hard work of all the employees of Tradestar.

At the end of the conference, the president made a keynote report entitled “Tradestar 2012 Annual summary and 2013 Annual Plan”. In the report, he made a comprehensive, objective and detailed summary for the work in the past year. He confirmed the achievements of all the staff, and deployed the new strategic plan for the company. The company’s future strategic development would include the first five-year plan (2013-2017) and the second five-year plan (2018-2022). President Li explained the whole steps of strategy in detail, and promised to provide a broader development platform for the employees with development of company.

All the staff of Tradestar not only had a clearer direction for the further work, but also realized the value their roles by the held of the annual summary meeting.. It is believed that, under the direction of Present Li, all the staff will hold together to implement 2013 annual plan and write a better tomorrow.


The president’s speech


One director of Functional department is giving lectures.


All staff in the meeting. 


Signing ceremony of performance responsibility