Tradestar 2012 Award Seremony

2013-03-06 15:51:08
Tradestar 2012 Award Seremony

The old year starts to wane the new begins. On the afternoon of January 13, 2013, Tradestar company held the 2012 staff award ceremony in the auditorium of Holy Garden Hotel. The president Li and all the staff got together, reviewed the harvest and joy of 2012, and expressed good wishes to 2013.

The party began with the joy opening dance. All kinds of wonderful programs with the beautiful music and lighting, present a good visual feast to all colleagues.

The holding of this successful award ceremony formed a best positive atmosphere in the company. We all look the advanced staff as a model and everyone will try out best. In the new year, all the employees will improve ourselves and contribute greatest strength.


(I) Staff programme《Belly Dance》


(II) Short sketch《If You Are The One》