Introducing innovative new medicine to China

2013-07-11 13:33:34
Introducing innovative new medicine to China

—The visit to Japan of Trade Star

Trade Star Pharmaceutical’s principal aims are upgrading infrastructure of industry and innovation on research and development in five years, which are also the principal themes of the national 12th Five-Year Plan.

As we all know, Euramerican developed countries have always been a centre of developing innovative new medicines, however, Japan has advantage in novel dosage-form.

A party of five people included Mr. Li Chao, the Present of Trade Star, along with Institute Director and Marketing Director, visited drug laboratory SSCI in Japan on May 14 ,2013. They have met Mr. Lu Ze Yi Ying, the pioneer of novel dosage-form in Japan, discussed common areas of academics and interest, and finally reached an agreement on many aspects from R&D to novel dosage-form. We are hoping to improve our competitive advantage in China pharmaceutical domestic market through new medicine R&D and novel dosage-form.

Besides, we reached a preliminary agreement with a Japanese pharmaceutical company to import new medicine to China, which will contribute to product structure adjustment and pave the way for new medicine come into the market.