Zhejiang Zhenyuan Co., Ltd. Came for Inspection

2014-09-23 00:00:00

Zhejiang Zhenyuan Co., Ltd. Came for Inspection

On September 17, 2014, the vice president of Zhejiang Zhenyuan Co., Ltd. Mr. Jianchang Ruan, the vice general manager Minghua Jin, the chairman secretary as well as the general manager of Zhejiang Zhenyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Mr. Weiming Fan Came to Beijing Trade Star Holding Group Co., Ltd. for inspection and discussion about the cooperation.

The Trade Star’s CEO Chao Lee and senior executives took part in the seminar. In that day, under the conduct of CEO Chao Lee each director of subsidiary respectively introduced the corporation’s business scope as well as the business condition to the leaders of Zhejiang Zhenyuan Co., Ltd.

On September, 18, the CEO Chao Lee and Trade Star’s senior executives accompanied the visitors to the pharmaceutical base in Fangshan and the employees’ living area. In that afternoon, they together went to Qujing, Yunnan by air to visit the group’s holding company Yunnan Yongan Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd.

In the meeting held on September 19th the vice general manager of Yongan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Bin Wang introduced the relative situation and bilateral cooperation in the future.

Through three days’ detailed inspection Trade Star and the Zhejiang Zhenyuan Co., Ltd exchanged in-depth views and reached preliminary ideas on a series of cooperation agreements.


Group Photo: Ms. Qianli Zhou, Mr. Minghua Jin, Mr. Chao Lee, Mr. Jianchang Ruan, Mr. Weiming Fan, Mr. Jie Sun ( from left to right)


Visit the Group’s Staff Dormitory (1)


Visit the Group’s Staff Dormitory (2)