The 2015 Sales Targets Conference was Held

2014-12-22 00:00:00

The ‘2015 Sales Targets’ Conference of Trade Star was Held in Guangzhou
 Kai Rong International Hotel

The ‘2015 Sales Targets’ conference of Trade Star was held in Guangzhou Kai Rong International Hotel.

The company’s consultant Mr Wei Wang gave a training with the theme of ‘develop targeted hospital, increase major hospital and reorganize the market order’. Next year is the last year of the 2012-2015 gradual reform in our country. Based on the medicine reform situation and the opportunities that are revealed by the essential medicine institution each sales personnel introduced their opinions about the market in 2015 and the product marketing plan respectively. Followed this the Group’s (marketing) vice-president Mr Jie Sun made a report about the ‘2015’s marketing work thinking’ and a detailed illustration and outlook of the market expanding and marketing thinking in 2015. After listening to the reports of each department the CEO Chao Lee proposed a policy of ‘facing directly to the market, promoting the transition and optimizing the product management’ and arranged the group’s operational department and hopes that each department can take it seriously and get it been fully implemented.

2015 is an important strategic year for the development of Trade Star Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd. We believe that under the joint efforts of senior executives and staff the group’s business must will start a new dimension.


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