The Grand Award Party was Held

2015-02-12 00:00:00

(Party) The Grand Award Party was Held

Trade Star Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd.’s New Year Award Party was held in Beijing Jingtian Mingtian Hotel on January 31, 2014. More than 200 people including the Group’s CEO Chao Lee, senior executives of each subsidiary as well as the company’s whole staff get together to celebrate the grand occasion.


Group Photo of Trade Star Staffs

In this year’s annual conference 20 programs were selected by the group and each subsidiary to take part in the conference. The aesthetic, vivacious, passionate dance, humorous sketch as well as the awe-inspiring chorus create a fresh and new audio-visual feast. In a warm atmosphere people cheers continuously.

As to appreciate the work of staffs and relevant teams the company’s senior executives hand out 15 awards including excellent employee award, work pacemaker, sales improvement award, sales elite award, excellent management award, outstanding contribution award, general manager reward and so on. These employees through their own efforts have been unanimously acknowledged by the senior executives and their colleagues.


Mr. Yun Lee, the Executive Deputy General Manager Issued the Excellent Management Award and Team Award


The Group’s Executive Deputy General Manager Mr. Yun Lee 
Issued the Best Program Award

During the Party the CEO Chao Lee made an address. He firstly sent his appreciation to the families of each staff for their hard work and issued the good family award and the gift card that worth RMB 1500. In last year the company is beset by difficulties, however, it is also the most growing year. Looking forward to the 2015 he believes that if only everyone keep in mind the company’s mission ‘Virtuous, Diligent, Thinking, Innovation’, united as one and make arduous efforts the company’s strategic target will definitely be realized.


The Group’s CEO Chao Lee Issued the Excellent Family Award