Yunnan Yongan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 2014 Annual Work Conference

2015-03-03 00:00:00

Yunnan Yongan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 2014 Annual Work Conference

Yunnan Yongan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 2014 Annual Work Conference and Commendation Conference was held in Qujing Huatai Jinan Grand Hotel solemnly on January 24, 2015.

The Group’s CEO Mr. Chao Lee, senior executives of each system as well as the whole staff of Yunnan Yongan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. took part in the conference.


Along with the report of ‘gather consensus, make concerted effort, big variety strategy to help enterprise develop rapidly’ that made by the marketing director Xuehong Ren the conference opened. After that, principals of each system and department made work summary reports of the last half year successively.


The Group’s Marketing Director Mr. Xuehong Ren


The Group’s CEO Mr. Chao Lee

Safety and stable in production is the foundation for the company’s survival and development. In order to ensure a safety in the work of 2015 each system and department signed the Safety Liability Statement and made the responsibility clear at various levels.


On-site Signing of Safety Liability Statement

The results of rewarded man, work model, advanced individual, excellent manager as well as the excellent team were announced in the conference and each one was issued with the Certification of Recognition and the Bonus.


The Group’s CEO Chao Lee & Award Winners

In last year we worked hard and obtained a big harvest. In this year leaded by the group all staffs of Yunnan Yongan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will be further gain unified thought, achieve cohesiveness and strive to create a new situation for the development of Yunnan Yongan.