Took Part in the First tHIS and the 73th Pharm China

2015-05-20 00:00:00

Trade Star (Beijing) Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd. Took Part in the 
First tHIS and the 73th Pharm China

The world’s largest health industry exhibition was held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from May 13th to 18th. This exhibition is the first time for China’s Health Industry to show its whole industry chain in a health industry specialty exhibition of the first tHIS held by the Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions.

The first tHIS was comprised of the three major exhibition CMEF, PharmChina, API China that were held by the Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions. The tHIS integrates 107 theme brand meetings. In its 290 thousand square meters’ international exhibition there will be 6,800 exhibitors from the world to participate in the exhibition with tens of thousands of high-quality and cost-effective medical equipment, medicine, nutritional health product, APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) as well as other relevant products and services. The tHIS is a one-stop platform for China’s Health Industry to show its whole industry chain for the first time.

Led by CEO Chao Lee the Group’s senior executives all went to take part in the exhibition. The Group’s stand No. is 3z01 and the key product for this exhibition is Ademetionine 1, 4-butanedisulfonate for Injection. At the same time, the subsidiary Yunnan Yongan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. brought more than 30 products including the Longxinsu Capsule, Qiuxieling Particle, Wujin Capsule and other products in this exhibition to develop a fully communication and discussion with hundreds of cooperative partners and potential clients from all around the country for joint consultation.

In the evening of May 15th the Group held a customer appreciation feast in the Shanghai Yanyihao. The Group’s president assisstant Mr. Taoyong and the general manager of wholly-owned subsidiary Chengchuang Sida Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Li Weijie introduced the Group’s strategy and the R & D status to each cooperative partner. Through this customer appreciation feast both parties developed a deeper understanding with each other and laid a solid foundation for establishing a further good cooperative relationship. The Group’s CEO Chao Lee also took part in the appreciation feast and had a cordial talk with partners.



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