Completed the Inspection Task Successfully

2015-06-11 00:00:00

Beijing Jinyang Likang Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. Completed the 
Inspection Task Successfully

On May 27, 2015, as a supplier in order to welcome the on-the-spot inspection of General Logistics Department of PLA material supply station the employee of Beijing Jinyang Likang Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. worked till very late.

Led by the logistics department manager Wang Fengtong, another seven colleagues Liu Haijun, Du Lixin, Yang Zhongrui, Luan Xiang, Zhang Hongxing, Yu Luxue, Liu Baogang are responsible for the putaway work of the newly arrived drug. They packed 2,183 Cefdinir Dispersible Tablet separately on 243 trays. The work proceeded orderly. Some of them used the ‘land bull’ to drag the drug directly to the goods allocation in floor 1. Some stood on the goods shelf in floor 2 to pack them in person. While the master Liu Baogang stood on the forklift to transfer the trays carefully to the four-meter high shelf. The 243 trays were completely listed until 00 a.m. They felt satisfied for their achievements.

Although all of them arrived at home near 2 a.m. it didn’t influence their work in the day. They greet the specialists and leaders in a high spirit. The inspection group gave high appraisal for the clean neat environment and the ordered goods. The engagement of employees in the preparatory work for this inspection once again reflected the initiative dedication and hard-working spirit. At the same time with the enterprise culture concept ‘reward outstanding workers,not let the kind-hearted man suffer losses’ our company provided economic reward and spiritual praise to the employee of Jinyang Likang in time.

As a subsidiary corporation of Trade Star Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd. the Beijing Jinyang Likang Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. undertook the drug distribution and circulation task in more than 100 hospitals in Beijing and more than 2,000 customers in the whole nation every year. Fore so many years it has always been accepted by the numerous customers. This kind of recognition can’t do without the active participation and initiative dedication of each member in the company. This also embodies the group’s positive and initiative enterprise culture and align well with the enterprise spirit of ‘Virtuous, Diligent, Thinking and Initiative”.

The whole employee of Trade Star will continually hold this united and initiative style of work to meet all kinds of challenges and opportunities.