We Work Together For TradeStar's Greater Prosperity —— Sidelights for TradeStar's Annual Meeting in 2016

2016-04-29 14:21:21

We Work Together For TradeStar's Greater Prosperity —— Sidelights for TradeStar's Annual Meeting in 2016

The last year has gone by and the new year is coming! Looking back to the last year we had achieved a great performance. In 2016 we would like to prospect a greater prosperity!

In January 23, 2016, TradeStar ( Beijing ) Pharmaceutical Holding Group's annual meeting is solemnly held in the Yanhua conference center, Fangshan district, Beijing. The chairman & CEO Li Chao, executive vice president Li Yun, marketing vice president Sun Jie, executive assistant, the subsidiary company Chengchuang Sida' general manager Li Weijie as well as the colleagues all presented at this annual meeting.

Group Photo of the Principal Leaders and the Colleagues in Marketing System

This annual meeting was divided into two parts, i.e. the annual work report and the prize giving & evening party. The talents in TradeStar presented all kinds of wonderful and passionate speeches and performances which had brought about an unforgettable visual, aural and mind striking feast.

The chairman & CEO Li Chao was making the work report of 2015 and the prospect of 2016. He also made a new year's congratulations for everyone! Mr. Li looked back to the work in 2015 and appraised the achievements in 2015. The development of TradeStar can't do without the hard work of the frontline staffs. With everyone's effort can TradeStar has today's achievements! In the end of the annual meeting, leaded by the president Li all the staffs made a pledge together:"We Work Together for TradeStar's Greater Prosperity".

After the day's work be finished the annual prize giving & evening party stated at 18:00. In the beginning, the marketing department signed a ' military order '. Under the lead of the marketing vice president Mr. Sun Jie the principals of each business division walked onto the stage and signed the Sales Performance Liability Statement in 2016 with great confidence. They won a warm applause and hope our marketing soldiers will make a greater achievement in 2016!

After three days' annual work report the prize giving & evening party activity is expected by everyone. All the staffs in different regions, systems, divisions gathered together cheerfully. The programs prepared by each department were wonderful, passionate and deeply moved. All the joys, sorrows and bitters were released fully in the grand reunion party.

In the evening party the outstanding contribution award, excellent management award, excellent teamwork award, sales improvement award, sales elite award, outstanding employee award and work model award were issued. The abundant prizes were set to encourage our annual outstanding staffs and thank them for their hard work in the last year!

The last year has gone by and the new year is coming! Accompanied with the end of the annual meeting the vessel of TradeStar had been pulled into the sea of 2016. In the future it is destined to struggle with various of difficulties but the warriors of TradeStar will move forward firmly! Wish we make a greater achievement in the struggling way and may TradeStar has a greater prosperity in 2016!