Marketplace hub

As a functional department, market center, on the one hand, provides strong support for the implementation of market strategy combined with the company's business strategy and marketing objectives and assists sales system to achieve sales target. Even more important, are the construction of the company's market system and the excavation of potential needs and interests of the market. At the same time, as the company's brain department, market center shoulders the responsibility of the company's marketing planning, new product introduction, product promotion and academic support, and assists the company to maintain the national market order. 
The functions of marketing department are as follows:
1. To develop annual marketing strategy and marketing plan and supervise the implementation.
To draw up strategic planning for the company, make out planning scheme of all the products and the company and take charge of long-term strategic planning as well as the annual, quarterly, monthly marketing planning work of the company. To make effective product promotion plan combined with the sales target, policy, brand maturity, the existing resources and so on to provide guidance for the expansion of the regional market.
2. To make all kinds of promotional color pages, promotion gift and sales support materials for the company and so on. 
3. Screening, introduction and listed plan of new varieties
To screen out the products under coordination of R & D department and sales department according to the national policy and the company's sales network, and conduct researches on the products that we are interested in, including drug name, development manufacturer (country), development status, indications for the treatment, a brief overview of pharmacological effect and mechanism, market forecast, research speed at home and abroad, advantages and disadvantages compared with the same kind drugs, market capacity of the similar drugs at home and abroad and trends of domestic development of the drug and so on. To write professional market research reports to provide strong evidence for introducing products, and carry on the marketing plan for helping the introduced products come into the market.
4. To coordinate relations of cooperation with other departments, conduct specific researches of products, channel, promotion effect by using resources of sales department, collect more practical data to do market analysis researches and put forward guidance and improvement scheme for sales. At the same time, to train, assess and deploy the employees with HR department.
5. To develop and implement the expense reporting and audit procedures of all kinds of market promotion activities.
6. To make work norms, codes of conduct, and reward system for market center.