Operational Department

Affairs department is a department with "customer service center" and "national marketing system maintenance" as its main functions.
One: Customer service center
(1) Efficient information communication
To establish customer service hotline (including service hotline, fax, SMS platform, email), divide customer service specialists by provinces, receive customer inquiries, help customers solve the problems and deal with and answer them at promised time, improve the service quality and customer satisfaction and protect the interests of the customers and the bilateral friendly and cooperative relations.
(2) Quality service functions
To conduct training courses for customer service specialists regularly, including professional trainings such as drug knowledge, drug regulation, service standards, strictly carry out the specific laws for customer-service workers. File the data of the customers and make VIP customers enjoy delivery privilege, etc. 
(3) Provide resources supportThe customer service center provide customers with data query function, supply of medicine materials and color pages and after-sales service related matters, etc.
(4)Customer service tenet
Customer’s satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
Two: Maintenance of national marketing system
(1) Perfect network system 
The department owns mature management system of network delivery, establishes specialized logistics sector in Beijing headquarters to carry out the national logistics tracking and offers all kinds of pre-sale and after-sale service. Five maintenance areas and three offices are established in the country, namely, North China Region, south China region, east China region, southwest region, central region, northeast office, northwest office, Shanghai office. There are customer maintenance specialists in all regions and provinces in order to ensure the stable operation of the system. Application for delivery is submitted by network system and delivery is arranged the next day. After the delivery, customer service specialists carry out the late tracking service and inform customers of the arrival time, thus effectively improving after-sale quality.