Clinical division

After several years of development, clinical division has established an outstanding team with professional skills and dedication. Our department continuously innovates and improves the marketing pattern and refines terminal and sales market through the integration of the company’s resources and our own resources. At present, the marketing network covers Beijing local and the secondary and tertiary hospitals of the General Logistics Department. In the company's strong support, we have formed a unique varieties of brand sales and an experienced expert team in the field of antibiotics, cardiovascular fields and rheumatoid immune field.
The specific functions of Clinical Division are as follows:
1. Function of product promotion:
For the varieties we have developed successfully of the hospital, we should have a daily visit to various clinical departments, focus on maintenance and provide personalized service and so on to make clinical experts and doctors learn about our products, our team and our company. In this way so they can trust our company and products and our products can be better used in the clinic and applied to patients. And we can complete the company's sales target. 
2. Function of market development:
If there were hospitals that we haven’t developed, we should develop varieties suitable for the hospital according to the different conditions and visit the dean, department directors and directors of the pharmacy department. Meanwhile, drug imported program can adopt various ways, such as temporary import drugs, special import drugs and drugs imported through the board upon the application according to the practical situation of each hospital. Only the successful development of the hospital can we possess the market faster, promote sales better and complete the sales target by a higher quality. 
3. Function of establishing a brand:  
The Beijing Clinical Division appears in major hospitals on behalf of the company. We establish the company's image by visiting and doing academic activities as well as holding department conferences. All the staff of major hospitals ranging from dean, experts, professors, directors of various departments to clinical doctors at all levels know that Trade Star is a domestic regular big company and they are all willing to cooperate with us.
4. Function of market research: to do preliminary research work of new products with other departments.
As the pharmaceutical industry and enterprises now face great opportunities and challenges, the developing clinical division keeps its finger on the pulse of the market, discerns the development trend, fully promotes team spirit, enhances the corporate culture in an all-round way, establishes a good brand image, works hard to make greater contributions to the development of Trade Star!