Direct Offices

Beijing office, as the company's Direct offices, bears the job of investment attraction and commercial maintenance of the company's products in the Beijing market with its department setting and main functions as follows:
1. Department Setting
The company's Direct offices staffing: department manager, investment manager, department assistant, academic specialist.
2. Department responsibility
(1) Be responsible for the development of clinical customers of the company's products in the Beijing market and the improvement of hospital coverage and market awareness of the company's products;
(2) To accept the annual total sales tasks draw up by the company, distribute monthly sale task of each product and accept the company’s evaluation;
(3) To develop, manage and maintain clinical customers, establish the files and forms of various customers, sign the sales agreement and cooperate distribution, commercial maintenance and customer relations;
(4) To formulate the company related statements and customers return fee schedule, count up the related data, keep contact with clients and solve it when the market is abnormal based on the data analysis;
(5) To organize the regular meetings of the department, make feedbacks of significant situations to the leaders at any time to keep smooth flow of information;
(6) To combine with the market department and terminal customers to jointly maintain customer relations, and hold the academic meetings irregularly;
(7) To optimize the staffing of the third terminal market, open up the third terminal market of Beijing and improve the potential sales of Beijing market.