New terminal business unit

Second Division is mainly responsible for the development of the nation’s third terminal market and OTC market, the formation of a national sales team and marketing network and the creation of a strong provincial -- city-- county level marketing network.
All the sales personnel of Second Division are top salespeople engaging in the third terminal and the OTC market for many years, and have established a good sales network and stable customer relationship in this sales area, thus laying a solid foundation for the development of the company.
The present flagship products of Second Division are based on Yunnan Yongan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. With the expansion of company acquisition, more proprietary Chinese medicine products and western medicine products will enter the market. Timely adjustment will be made against main varieties, leading varieties and auxiliary varieties based on the introduction of varieties combined with the company's resources, product lines and markets to optimize the company's products, resources and efficiency in the future.
Second Division, according to the company's overall strategy, make work arrangements as follows:
1.To set sales target,sales strategy and sales plan so as to maximize profit according to the company's overall strategy;
2. Be responsible for direct sales of the company's products and channel construction;
3. To ensure profit growth according to the product’s market orientation, and plan and supervise market operation;
4. To continuously excavate new profit growth point and make product sales plan;
5. Be responsible for the evaluation of sale condition and make supplement plan in a timely manner according to market changes;
6. To collect and analyze the latest developments of competitors;
7. To set up and manage the sales team to effectively construct distribution channels;
8. To form a national sales team and marketing network and construct the nation’s third terminal network and OTC market network.