Hospital business department

The national marketing center is mainly responsible for nationwide promotion of cooperation with the company in research and development of products and the national general agent products. The sales network spreads throughout 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in the country,and the offices have been set up in various large and medium-sized cities. The center currently has more than 300 employees, more than 90% of whom hold associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees or higher degrees in medicine or marketing-related specialties.
Mainly promoted products of the marketing center:
TThe trustworthy brand of national health insurance and domestic oral antibiotics, and the preferred choice for treatment of community hospital infections: Xifuni ® Cefdinir Dispersible Tablets and Shifuni ® Cefdinir Capsules.
Bosijie ® Monosialotetrahexosylganliosidesodium Injection, as the first choice for nerve system damage and repair and the classical medicine for treatment of vascular and traumatic central nervous system damage, has the most complete dosage forms and specifications, including the national exclusive 20 mg freeze-dried power injection.
Originally imported and exclusive domestic, Shumeishefu ® Cefazedone Sodium for Injection, conforming to the domestic trend of “limiting antibiotics”, is the new 1 + generation cephalosporin with the most academic promotion value.
As the first brand of antibiotics and the first choice for treatment of MRS infection recommended by the United States and the European clinical anti-infection treatment guidelines, Haizhengmeineng ® Vancomycin is produced by a domestic famous big enterprise -- Zhejiang Hisun pharmaceutical enterprise.
As an important department of Trade Star (Beijing) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the national marketing center has been adhering to business philosophy of "take the market as the guidance, take the customer as the center, take management as the core, take the talent as the fundamental, serve the people, and repay society " since its inception. Under the strong support of the majority of partners, all the employees of the center work hard and strive to achieve brilliant performance market. The products of Xifuni ® Cefdinir Dispersible Tablets and Shifuni ® Cefdinir Capsules have jumped to first place of the domestic oral antibiotics, and the product Bosijie ® also retains the second rank in domestic market. All the staff of the marketing center will under the leadership of the company sincerely serve the customers and create a bright future together.