Business philosophy of the enterprise:

 To be market-driven, client-focused, operation-oriented and human-resources-based; To serve the public and return the society 

 Spirit of the enterprise:

o be virtuous and esteem reputation as life;To be diligent, because heaven rewards the diligent and diligence redeems stupidity;To be good at thinking and quick response;To be progressive, honest and kind.By broadly learning and constantly examining himself every day, the gentleman sharpens his awareness and makes fewer mistakes.The real progress, does not relies on wandering before the previous achievement, does not relies on hesitance before future challenge, but relies on step by step forwards locked dream. Progress is never stopping the steps…

 Interpretation of the logo:


公司名称的简写( trade star ) T 和 S 的变形体,颜色为绿色,象征生命医药产业,形为飞翔的大鸟,意为展翅翱翔。 S 既为 star, 正在升起的新星,又引申为 start 千里之行,始于足下 , 时刻准备开始新的挑战,蓝色代表高科技,椭圆象征地球,红色的小球为太阳,象征我们欣欣向荣的医药事业。

Very humane management philosophy - “Be focused on people, be tolerant to people”:

The sea is great since it accepts all rivers, so welcomed are all kinds of people but of both virtue and knowledge. We treat human resources as the most valuable asset in the enterprise. We consider every staff talent, and actively create good working and living conditions as well as rooms for development and growth. The relationship between leaders and staffs is harmonious and cooperative. “Always to review myself ” has become ringing alarm to mind every leader to keep clear and lubricant for the establishment of harmonious interpersonal relationship. We believe in not only experience, but also creative ideas proposed by vibrant young staff. This explains why we are able to overcome the crisis and seize the opportunity. We are in a pragmatic manner to stipulate specific requirements of the on staff’s performance, thus enabling them to invest more on the work. The key to our success is to make the structure of our emprise able to exert the wisdom of the whole staff. 

 Old adage "To make money friendly and balance the interests" creates a relaxed environment for the survival and development of the enterprise

We sincerely treat people of all status and our clients who support our development as our friends. Extensive social network makes up the valuable assets of the enterprise, partly because of the philosophy we adhere to - “To make money friendly and balance the interests”.

Historical mission and social responsibility of "creating wealth and returning to the community":

We closely combined our historical mission to the revitalization of the nation and the prosperity of the country. We will use our wisdom and hard-working hands to create a brilliant business and affluent lives, and exert our greatest power to return to the community, making contribution to the economic development of the motherland.